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Welcome to CONCERTINOTOWN, the online music school on the Internet.

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Our 6 year old Multipiano student is playing for you.
Try our free lessons in the Music Lab and take your first steps on the way of music. Here, we are teaching the musical alphabet and the elements of your individual music language. Like always when you want to create yourself independently, you need tools, practising and experience. Look how we are working in the Music Lab and become a Concertinotown friend. Stay with us and learn to play beautiful music from notes!  Is it difficult? Not here, try it!
Interactive piano lessons by the MultiPiano method in the section Courses are the next step. Register as a member student today and we will invite you personally!
Learn more about MultiPiano Method for students / MultiPiano Method for teachers / MultiPiano Method of the future/
Take part in the development of the activities, translations into other languages or participate in the CS - Internet 2006 project. Please send an e-mail to
Do you want to teach for us?
Application for  Multipiano licensed teacher.